About Me

I started this company from a desire to create and share my gifts with the world in hopes to provide positivity to others.

From a young age, all I wanted was to surround myself with color. From dressing myself in loud outfits to drawing on the walls, color has been an important part of my life.

As an adult, my journey of healing from depression, anxiety, & chronic illness led me to craving color once again. From my clothes & hair, to my art & jewelry, I have surrounded myself with colors that bring me joy.

Studies show that colors impact our mood and physiologic responses. My hope is to bring happiness into the lives of others by sharing the joys of color through adorning our bodies & homes with various hues.

My Values

I value empathy & life-long learning. My lifelong journey with disabilities & mental illness provided me a lens of knowing how it feels to be an “other” or “outsider”. I aim to make all people feel welcome and celebrated as they are. I will not tolerate any racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or hate speech on this page or within our online community.

Prioritizing empathy & life-long learning means listening to the experiences of others without interrupting & understanding that they know their lived experiences. As a white woman, I understand that listening more than speaking is necessary in most situations. I hope to show my commitment to these values by always being open to learning & improving when I make mistakes & through supporting various non profits each month.